Two things God has given me fresh eyes to see lately.  The first, God is Love.  Plain and simple yet so profound and somehow I missed the depth of it before and still probably am.  But at any rate, God is Love.

The second is this, God came and dwelt among us.  The second thought is, of course, related to the first and so is no less profound.  With the birth of Jesus Christ, God taking on human flesh demonstrated a new dimension of how far God would go to be with His creation.  This, of course, was not the first time He took steps to dwell among us.  While wandering through the wilderness the people of God were guided by His presence, a cloud by day and fire by night.  He took up residence in their camp.

But that wasn’t enough.  He needed a true place to reside with them always and so He commissioned the Tabernacle to be built and for a tent to built around it.  Eventually, the tent would become a more permanent establishment with the construction of the temple, but both housed the Holy of Holies in its center.  There God’s presence would reside but behind a veil, present but not with them.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

In the dawn of a new era, God decided it was time to reside with His creation in a new way.  It was no longer enough to just be present in one place, it was time to demonstrate the depth of His love and magnitude of His greatness and so He became like the image bearer He made, He took on human flesh, what we call the Incarnation.

Love wants to be with that which it loves, its beloved.  Love wants to know what it knows and feel what it feels and think as it thinks.  Love wants to laugh and cry and eat and sleep and stay up late contemplating life together.  Love is so simple, yet so profound.  And then God showed us the extent to which love would go for its beloved when Love became so vulnerable and sacrificial that it died in place of its beloved.  Why would God do that?  Why would Love do that?

So the veil could be torn and God could take up residence with His creation, His beloved whenever and wherever they would roam.  Love is no longer confined to Tabernacle.  It is no longer confined to a man in space in time.  God as Spirit can now reside within us and we can become the Love that He already is.

This Advent season a quote keeps popping up wherever I go.  I’m going to paraphrase it (which means not give it the justice due to it).  It says something like this, God became man so that man may become like God.  Simple, yet so profound.  I keep turning that over and over again in my head.  I think there is a link there between Love and the Incarnation.  Love become flesh to dwell among us so that we may become Love and dwell among us.

God is Love.  God came and dwell among us.  We are now Love.

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